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Video / Time Lapse

Filmed Jan. 5th, 2017 on the Dunes of New Smyrna Beach Florida, the video was made entirely using footage from the new DJI Mavic Pro Drone.  The Dunes are located on the East Coast of Florida next to Ponce Inlet. Thanks to Rebecca Austin for joining me on this photography adventure & Joakim Karud for the music!

I decided to drive towards the storm... Let's just say it ended up being a good decision despite the mandatory evacuation warnings that morning.

This behind the scenes fashion photography collaboration with Jessica Christain & Stephanie was treated with an amazing sunset over Downtown Orlando.  I really enjoy blending subjects and landscapes into my work. Thanks to Jonas Erixon for the amazing music!

A time lapse of the Downtown Orlando skyline featuring a beautiful sunset and the planet Mars above the horizon!

Shooting with Sabrina Cline was a great time.  She was such a pro and had so many good looks.  A big thanks to Parker Antoine for capturing the video!

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Get familiar with my new aerial camera, the DJI Mavic Pro with it's first test flight & video shoot.

A time lapse of the Downtown Orlando skyline featuring a swarm of bats and lightning on the horizon!

Take a few minutes to kickback & relax.  Watch the sunset in Gulf Coast of Florida & the boats cruise underneath John's Pass!

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